Fresh local seafood straight off the boat, freshly prepared and cooked fresh for you
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fresh local seafood

Open 7 days 11.30am to 8pm

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Fresh Local Seafood

Check out our seafood display fridge for all our local and convenience seafood we have on offer

Tasmanian Salmon

Red Emperor

Goldband Snapper

Blue Spot Emperor

About Us

Welcome to Augusta Fish and Chips! Bought in 2021 by the “Chandler” family to service this fishing town that is set where the two oceans meet!

We are a small family owned business who live and breathe our beautiful Augusta air!

We love our little town and support local 100% over any other seafood supply. Some of our seafood like our salmon is not local but we buy WA produce first and foremost.

Belinda Chandler the owner, has been a qualified chef since 2001 and has a passion for wholesome healthy foods and also suppling some of the freshest seafood Augusta has to offer!

Pop in say G,day and try out our freshest seafood delights!